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Finesta Group is a CEE private holding company, which
operates in several economy sectors, including: Financial services,
Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Technology, and Healthcare.

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About Us

Finesta Group is a CEE Private Holding company, which operates in several economy sectors, including: Investment Management, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Real Estate, Technology, and Healthcare.

The Group is a leader in the elds which resect, and has worked in EU, SEE, CIS, and other countries since 1996.

Finesta Group, including its subsidiaries, and joint venture partners, exceeds 4.6 billion EUR assets under management.

Who we are?

Our Companies

  • Finesta Properties
  • Finesta Healthy
  • Finesta International Realty

Our services


Finesta is one of the leading company in energy solutions focused to renewable sources and clean energy. We are developing company, trader and also producer.

Our Energy Solutions:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Water
  • Hydrogen
  • Cogeneration / Trigeneration

Finesta is building a bridge to a low carbon future Sustainability strategies for all group activities. Finesta is one of the leading specialists in the European Union of renewable energies.

Hydrogen, as a clean fuel, is produced from a variety of energy sources that can be both environmentally friendly and less environmentally friendly and less ecological. For this reason, we also distinguish the color of hydrogen. Our goal is clean energy. We want to produce hydrogen from clean renewable sources, and the purest hydrogen is the one that is made from hydrogen itself. And that’s our goal.

One of the main areas of our business is energy production through cogeneration and trigeneration.

Cogeneration produces electricity and heat from fuel and a highly efficient engine. Heat can be used for heating or further generation of steam, from which, for example, pure hydrogen can be produced thanks to an electrolyzer. The residual heat is then used for heating. The hydrogen produced by cogeneration can be further processed or burned directly in cogeneration units with an admixture of gas or biogas.

Hydrogen powered Cogeneration is the Future

Finesta Group, with its EPC partners, Banks & financial institutes take part in plenty of refining projects. Our reputation, financial capability, and relationships allow us to participate in plenty of important refinery projects in different ways as investing, executing, renovating, managing, or off-takers for the products. Due to adopting the most advanced technology, the highest environmental determinants, and following the modern management patterns in both execution and operation give Finesta Group space in the global map of the refineries.

In all our work, operating safely, reliably, and with a commitment to protect the environment is among our top priorities. With the support of our partner’s experiences we offer the knowhow, and help the refineries to increase value, lower costs, and improve the probability.

We aware that refineries rely on process technology solutions that are both innovative and commercially proven to overcome their challenges to meet the market demands.

The global vision of Oil & Gas industry that Finesta Group developed inspired us to take practical steps to invest in refineries in the Middle East – Iraq, where Iraq is considered one of the biggest countries in the Oil & Gas equation,  Huge Oil & Gas reserves, the significant location, the supportive investment legislations, beside the group’s abilities and vision push us forward to this step, which we believe that with the achieving such projects will positively impact Iraq and Finesta Group.

Oil & Gas sectors, is one of the main sector of Finesta Group.

By making use of the world’s latest oil and gas technologies, we are endeavour to turn our discoveries into commercially viable solutions for the benefit of the Citizen of the countries where we invest in Oil & Gas sector. We are also actively investigating ways to benefit local communities by creating employment and financial benefits.

Finesta Gas & Oil is keen to grow its core business in the developing countries.

At the heart of all that we do is minimising the impact on local communities and having total respect for the environment in which we live.

We believe strongly that fully understanding our assets is fundamental to success. That’s why we engage with global companies such as ExxonMobil, Gazprom, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Statoil, and Hellenic Petroleum Group, to provide us with the best advice to help turn our discoveries into economic reality.

Finesta Group manages 1.45 billion EUR assets in Oil & Gas sector, in EMEA countries.

Oil & Gas Pipeline Transport, is one of the main sector of Finesta Group.

Before the construction of the pipeline is started, it is necessary to provide geotechnical expertise to produce accurate high quality subsurface soil strata definition, soil classification and soil parameters, groundwater data by investigation, which will be used for the design and construction of the pipeline and earthworks. The Scope of investigation work mostly includes the provision of all management supervisory, administrative and technical personnel, transportation, equipment and all other items required providing geotechnical investigations. We are here to help you with these too.

Every pipeline needs (before construction starts) some engineering geological investigation, which provides us an insight into basic geological, engineering and hydrogeological features of the area of future route of the pipeline.

For example, Seismic refraction is a method to determine the P-wave velocity structure of the subsurface. This method is primary for determination of depth to bedrock and thickness of geologic strata, structure and identifying anomalous conditions.

Another modern method is Rayfract™ which allows us the non-intrusive imaging of the subsurface, for geotechnical engineering and exploration.

After the project is planned, investigation is done, then the construction can start. We’re here to help with all of these phases (from planing, construction to operations) and to ensure the functionality of the finished pipeline for a long time. For this, we have required technical personnel, equipment and all other items required. And because we are also modern company, we use modern method such as drones which are very helpful in finding gas leaks very fast.

In commodity trading we have worldwide activities in the sourcing, transporting, storage and financing energy commodities. Our success is built upon knowledge of the market, reliability and independence. We strive to be a reliable and competitive partner, working to contribute to our customers and suppliers expansion and development. Our goal is to develop long term relations with our clients based on mutual trust, personalized service and sound and timely advice. Over the years we have acquired extensive knowledge about the commodities we trade, from the field to the table. Timing being of the essence, we focus on keeping close track of crop and weather changes and adjust our statistics accordingly.

DRILLIFE GEO is an engineering and geophysical services company providing ground remote sensing services via airborne surveying performed by proprietary multispectral scanning equipment. The Company also has at its disposal all the equipment necessary for 2D, 3D and 3C seismic data acquisition

  • Engineering and geophysical services
  • Wind turbines engineering
  • Gemasolar development
  • Gemasolar project engineering
  • Hydropower

Our investment capabilities can meet the needs of every type of client, European and international institutional investors as well as global consultants, for whom we build innovative solutions adapted to their needs.

We provide our clients with access to a comprehensive range of high-quality investment solutions covering all of the major asset classes and themes as well as selected niche areas.

We are able to do this thanks to our investment teams across the world specialising solely in their areas of expertise.

We are partner with one of the most respected and experienced Liechtenstein based fund management company, which manages funds on the amount of 1.2 billion EUR

Finesta Real Estate investment expertise covers an extensive range of the most attractive real estate sectors where we provide strategic advice to our clients at all stages of the acquisition process from sourcing and identification, through to negotiation, due diligence and asset management.

Our Real Estate Sectors includes: Hotels, Retails, Offices, and Residential.