Oil & Gas in Iraq

Finesta General Trading a.s. it is a holding company of Finesta Group,
which manages Oil & Gas assets worldwide.

Iraq Gas & Oil field map

This map represent the Oil Iraq Gas & Oil & Gas reserves in Iraq.


We are going to invest 2 billion USD in Iraq

Finesta Group intends to invest in the rehabilitation, expansion, construction, and operation of a world-class phosphate mine and fertilizer manufacturing investment project in lraq. This project offers legitimate benefits for lraq including capital investment, technology transfer, human resources development, and economic diversity. 

Industrial Complex in Detail

The industrial complex is in western Iraq near the Euphrates riverbank, close by the Syrian borders and a few kilometres away from the seventh biggest Gas field in the world „Akkaz“. The project is connected with the national railway network and the national highways. The mine is located 160 kilometres from the industrial complex, and the type of mine is an open pit. The project production will include all kinds of phosphorus and nitrogenous fertilizers by taking advantage of the following:

  • The exploitation of the vast reserves of phosphate mines discovered in western lraq.
  • The Demand of the agricultural sector for fertilizers to achieve the optimum utilization of agricultural land.
  • The discovery of a new gas field“ Akkaz“ to produce Ammonia salt.The project will aid lraq’s economy in the following:
    • Supporting the national economy and achieving foreign currency savings through the policy of replacing imports with local production.
    • Waking up part of the unemployment in the labor force in lraq.
    • The project productions will cover the national consumption of fertilizers, and part of the surrounding countries and international demands.