Oil & Gas activities

Finesta General Trading a.s. it is a holding company of Finesta Group,
which manages Oil & Gas assets worldwide.
Our group manages oil and gas facilities in more than 20 countries of the world.


Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment

DrilLife is an innovative international oil and gas industry company working in the fields of oil services, oil and gas equipment, and drilling equipment.
The company utilizes the very latest developments and achievements in the field, enabling the implementation of the complete cycle of operations from exploration to actual oil and gas extraction with high efficiency in the shortest time.

Today, DrilLife provides such services as geochemistry, seismic sensing for hydrocarbon exploration, drilling of oil and gas wells, cementing of wells, and packer service, as well as manufacturing drilling equipment and equipment for the oil and gas industry.

The near future will see diversification of our professional services.

DrilLife is certainly not idle. The Company constantly employs new modern technologies, while its production line of equipment is growing wider.

The strategic plan of the Company includes modernization of the necessary equipment. It also calls for collaborative projects with the global oil giants in realizing different types of work, as well as exchanging and sharing the professional experience of.

Another strategic task of the Company is geographical expansion of its activity. Today DrilLife works in six countries , a figure that will be doubled in near future.



Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation

Our partners are the leading world companies. Enterprises of Altcom Group use in their work modern technologies, the newest equipment and ecologically clean materials, which correspond to the most contemporary demands and standards.

The precedence of company pay a constant attention to the elaboration and introduction of advanced technological decisions, held the reconstruction and modernization of existing production using last scientifically-technological achievements, anually broaden spectrum of brought out production.

Competent engineering staff and serried working group, having a great working experience in the present activity sphere, provide the enterprise with success and well coordinated.

Today, nearly 4500 people work on the group enterprises. During the years of work, we have reached the highest professionalism level of our staff, encouraging them to self-improvement and creative approach in all situations.


DrilLife Max

Project Realization.

Is a services company specializing in well squeeze/isolation and workover operation, as well as packer services and cementing of technical columns and production strings. It has a packer service shop.


Iraq Activities and Akashat

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