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Finesta General Trading a.s. it is a holding company of Finesta Group,
which manages Oil & Gas assets worldwide.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas include the global process of explorations, extraction, transportation by tankers or pipelines, refining, and market­ingof the crude or the petroleum products. The Oil & Gas sector is one of the main activities of FINESTA Group. By using the worlďs latest technologies, we are endeav­oring to turn our discoveries into commer­cially viable solutions for the benefit of the citizens of the countries where we invest in. We are also actively investigating ways to benefit local communities by creating employment and financial benefits.

The Oil & Gas sector within the FINESTA Group is keen to grow its core business in the developing countries. At the heart of all that we do is minimizing the impact on local communities and having total respect for the environment in which we live. We strongly believe that fully under­standing our assets is fundamental to success. That is why we engage with global companies such as KBR, Exxon­Mobil, Gazprom, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch, Shell, Statoil, Technip, and Hellenic Petroleum Group to provide us with the best advice to help turn our discoveries into economic reality. For Finesta Group, Zero harm means a culture in which we make a safety-con­scious that are governed by persona! values. We make a persona! choice to work safely and to look out for each other in a truly interdependent culture.


Finesta Group, with its EPC partners, Banks & financial institutes take part in plenty of refining projects. Our reputation, financial capability, and relationships allow us to participate in plenty of important refinery projects in different ways as investing, executing, renovating, managing, or off-takers for the products. Due to adopting the most advanced technology, the highest environmental determinants, and following the modem management patterns in both execution and operation give Finesta Group space in the global map of the refineries. ln all our work, operating safely, reliably, and with a commitment to protect the environment is among our top priorities . With the support of our partner’s experiences we offer the knowhow, and help the refineries to increase value, lower costs, and improve the probability. We aware that refineries rely on process technology solutions that are both innovative and commercially proven to overcome their challenges to meet the market demands. The global vision of Oil & Gas industry that Finesta Group developed inspired us to take practical steps to invest in refineries in the Middle East – lraq, where lraq is considered one of the biggest countries in the Oil & Gas equation, huge Oil & Gas reserves, the significant location, the supportive investment legislations, beside the group’s abilities and vision push us forward to this step, which we believe that with the achieving such projects will positively impact Iraq and Finesta Group.

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